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Associação Agr - Allgarve Pigeons Race

1.The "terms and conditions" of Associação Agr - Allgarve Pigeons Race aim to regulate access to and use of its institutional website: http://www.goldenracealgarve.com/

2.Any information that the website user has access to must not be used for illegal or unauthorized purposes. The website http://www.goldenracealgarve.com/ is owned and managed by Associação Agr - Allgarve Pigeons Race. The “terms and conditions” are interpreted in accordance with Portuguese law.

3.The website of Associação Agr - Allgarve Pigeons Race can be consulted with public access, being therefore, public, the consultation of the information contained therein. Users are not allowed to copy, import or freely use available content (text, images and videos) for personal or public use, unless they have express authorization to do so. The user must cite the Associação Agr - Allgarve Pigeons Race and its website as sources of said contents, in case of authorized use. Regarding the external websites to which the Association Agr - Allgarve Pigeons Race website is linked, authorization must be obtained from the authors of that material and/or reference to the source, according to the respective information on copyright contained therein.

4.Browsing the website requires consulting, reading and accepting the conditions presented in these “terms and conditions”. The “terms and conditions” presented can be changed, added or deleted at any time. It is recommended that you consult these “terms and conditions” to check for updates. They will be published on the institutional website, in order to guarantee the principles of information, communication and transparency.

5.Anyone who accesses the site, whether a private person or a representative of an organization, who browses the pages or who accepts these “terms and conditions”, is called a service user. The website is hosted at: http://www.goldenracealgarve.com/

6.When using the website http://www.goldenracealgarve.com/ are prohibited:

  • any inappropriate and/or illegal activities;
  • violation of any legal, regulatory or other, national or international rules;
  • violation of privacy (including uploading private information to the website without the consent of the personal data holder) or any other legal rights of the personal data holders;
  • defamation or intention to undermine the reputation, image, credibility, respectability and good name of any holder of personal data or of the Agr Association - Allgarve Pigeons Race;
  • use or transfer of files that contain malicious agents likely to cause damage to the website and, directly or indirectly, to the property of holders of personal data or that allow access to any network, server or computer system connected to the website;
  • transfer of unauthorized content, in any format, including illicit, defamatory content, or content that causes damage or harm, or that violates the security systems of the network or third parties;
  • changes to the website, except with authorization from Associação Agr - Allgarve Pigeons Race;
  • violation of legislation on copyright, image, brand or intellectual property rights, of the Agr Association - Allgarve Pigeons Race or any third parties or any holders of personal data.

7.It is not possible to prevent attack situations or guarantee the complete invulnerability of the website to attacks, viruses or other malicious or intrusion software/code. In this sense, Associação Agr - Allgarve Pigeons Race is not responsible for any damages that may result to the user as a result of violations caused by third parties.

8.Neither party will be liable for non-compliance with these “terms and conditions”
when it arises from acts of fortuitous or force majeure.

9.Privacy and Personal Data Protection

  • the processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with the legislation and regulations in force, within the scope of the Privacy Policy of the Associação Agr - Allgarve Pigeons Race, which can be consulted on this website, including the technical measures and safeguards, proportionate and adequate, either under the responsibility of the Associação Agr - Allgarve Pigeons Race, or of the respective service providers related to the management of the website, including the possibility of handling "cookies";
  • the person responsible for the protection of personal data can be contacted at golden.race.algarve@gmail.com for further information.

10.Accuracy and Integrity of Information

  • We seek to ensure, at all times, that the information made available on the website is correct, adequate and properly contextualized.

11.Interruption or suspension of access

  • we safeguard the right to interrupt access to the website for the necessary period, whether for technical, legal, organizational, administrative, force majeure reasons and without excluding others that may occur and are not provided for in these “terms and conditions”;
  • we do not assume responsibility for any damages resulting from suspension or interruption of access that may take place, whatever their nature and reason.

12.Intellectual Property Rights

  • all copyright and other intellectual property rights and other content available on the site are owned by Associação Agr - Allgarve Pigeons Race or used by Associação Agr - Allgarve Pigeons Race with the permission of the respective owner, including copyright and copyright on images.
  • all images, texts, trademarks, service marks and logos (owned by the Agr Association - Allgarve Pigeons Race or third parties), photographs, data, music, sound, graphics, software and the source code and advertising are protected by law. Any improper use may subject the offender to due judicial procedure, in civil and/or criminal.
  • the website may contain links to websites operated by third parties. The Associação Agr - Allgarve Pigeons Race has no control over these sites and is not responsible, unless otherwise indicated, for their availability and content.


  • Associação Agr - Allgarve Pigeons Race manages the contents of this website with the aim of improving the user experience and access to information relevant to its pigeon sport.

Despite the commitment of Associação Agr - Allgarve Pigeons Race in providing up-to- date and accurate information, these are not exhaustive and may not be completly or up to date. The contents present on the website of Associação Agr - Allgarve Pigeons Race do not establish any contractual relationship of liability. The Associação Agr - Allgarve Pigeons Race is thus not liable for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, suffered by any user, resulting from a bad or inappropriate use of the information contained in this website.

The Associação Agr - Allgarve Pigeons Race is not responsible for the quality or veracity of the contents of the websites to which the links on this website refer. The Association Agr - Allgarve Pigeons Race does not exercise any control over these sites.

14.Final provisions and contacts

  • in the context of any information related to the “terms and conditions” for using the Associação Agr - Allgarve Pigeons Race website, the following contacts may be used:

Rua da Estação nº 2, 8900-406 Monte Gordo, Faro

Email address for the purposes of privacy and protection of personal data: golden.race.algarve@gmail.com